BitHappy: An Alternative to the Existing Financial System

BitHappy is an Android application that performs like a Bitcoin payment processor and browser. The browser end of the application functions as location searcher for sellers within your region. With BitHappy, buyers and sellers worldwide can exchange goods and services for Bitcoin with just a simple few taps.

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BitHappy the New Bitcoin Browser

BitHappy, a new bitcoin browser brings both digital currency and ecommerce together on the same page. The platform calls itself the first bitcoin browser in the world which enables people and businesses to sell things online for bitcoin. Unlike other ecommerce platforms, BitHappy allows anyone to list the things that they want to sell online and accept money in the form of bitcoin from their customers.

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The Next Generation of Bitcoin

BitHappy a new browser that wants to reshape e-commerce with the use of Bitcoin has entered the cryptocurrency industry's realm. The service is different than most selling platforms currently available, offering an easy to use interface that looks like most anyone could use including Grandma. Users from all around the globe can sell items via what BitHappy calls the "first bitcoin browser."

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Using The Bithappy Browser To Raise Global Bitcoin Awareness

There are many different Bitcoin initiatives underway to boost cryptocurrency awareness. The BitHappy browser is an Android application that is similar to a Bitcoin payment processor. Through the application, users can find sellers around the world to buy goods and services from. Bitcoin is, of course, the only accepted payment method. BITHAPPY IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD

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BitHappy The First Ever Bitcoin Browser

Bitcoin is an amazing invention and it fulfils every aspect and every requirement to become an effective payment alternative. Alas, many people are still using it for investment only to amplify their profits. The reasons are obvious. Even after eight years in the market, many merchants and retailers haven't completely opened up to it. And there are still very few platforms that are accepting bitcoins.

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However, a new bitcoin start-up, BitHappy has launched a mobile app that can prove to be a game changer for all those who want to embrace bitcoin as a payment alternative. BitHappy is a web browser and bitcoin payment processor that brings various buyers and sellers under one roof, allowing them to exchange goods and services using bitcoins.

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Η πλατφ?ρμα αυτοαποκαλε?ται το πρ?το πρ?γραμμα περι?γηση? Bitcoin στον κ?σμο που επιτρ?πει στα ?τομα και τι? επιχειρ?σει? να πωλο?ν τα πρ?γματα online για Bitcoin. Σε αντ?θεση με ?λλε? πλατφ?ρμε? ηλεκτρονικο? εμπορ?ου, η BitHappy επιτρ?πει σε οποιονδ?ποτε να απαριθμ?σει τα πρ?γματα που θ?λει να πουλ?σει online και να δ?χεται χρ?ματα με τη μορφ? του Bitcoin απ? του? πελ?τε? του.

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BitHappy es una plataforma que se define como el primer buscador del mundo que permite a cualquier persona comprar y vender bienes y servicios con Bitcoin. Esta herramienta podría facilitar el uso de Bitcoin en la vida cotidiana y de esta manera promover su adopción generalizada.

Este servicio funciona de una manera totalmente distinta a las plataformas de venta tradicionales.

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O pre-lansare revizuita a BitHappy, Browserul Bitcoin

O aplicatie noua va fi lansata pe Android, numita browser-ul BitHappy, aplicatie bazata pe tehnologia monedei Bitcoin. Cu toate ca aplicatia nu este inca disponibila pentru public, fondatorul Steven Lee ne-a oferit o privire in interior, privind modul in care functioneaza interfata.

BitHappy este o aplicatie ce va fi disponibila pe Android, care lucreaza ca un procesor de plata Bitcoin si browser pentru moneda digitala.

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