BitHappy enables anyone to buy and sell goods and services with Bitcoin

BitHappy is the world's first Bitcoin Browser and the solution to mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.

BitHappy allows Bitcoin to be used in everyday life.

You don't need a bank account, an address, or be a certain age or live in a certain place to buy and sell things with Bitcoin.

BitHappy turns a mobile device into a Bitcoin Point of Sale terminal.

Purpose of BitHappy

Buy and sell
and services
with Bitcoin

The solution
for the 2.5 billion

Direct transfer
of funds to
the needy

A platform for

NO Bank
or Government

NO personal
of any kind

is to Bitcoin what
Netscape 1
was to the Internet

A new paradigm in commerce

BitHappy transforms the way we shop, conduct business, buy & sell goods and services and how we pay for things

micropayments end of copyright/royalties
self service end of waiting
communication end of disputes/middle men

escrow service ensures security for Buyers

BitHappy adds SELF SERVICE to ANY Business

BitHappy solves the problem of waiting:
waiting to order, waiting to be served or waiting to pay

Tutorials Videos of BitHappy

BitHappy features that Buyers & Sellers need to know

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an end to the existing system

BitHappy is an alternative to the existing mobile payment system and a solution for the 2.5 billion unbanked.

BitHappy ends financial exclusion.

BitHappy creates
a unique QR code
for every Seller, Catalog, Product and Order

BitHappy in the press

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