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Below are videos of BitHappy features that Buyers & Sellers need to know

How to Use BitHappy Start Here

How Buyers find Sellers and download Catalogs.

Every Seller has a unique QR code. A Buyer can scan the Sellers QR code and download their Catalogs.

Paying with Bitcoin using Mycellium

You can use many of the Bitcoin wallets to pay a Seller, however BitHappy works seamlessly with Mycellium.

Point of Sale Terminal

BitHappy works as a stand alone Point of Sale terminal for Bitcoin. In this coffee shop example the Buyer has a Bitcoin wallet but does not have BitHappy installed.

BitHappy works like a cash till.

Buyer Feedback & Ratings

Buyers can leave Feedback about a Product or Seller once they have received the goods. We encourage you to leave appropriate Feedback so others can benefit from your experience.

Direct Messaging System Between the Buyer & Seller

Buyers & Sellers can connect with each other from within an Order. Fast direct communication between a Buyer & Seller reduces disputes.


BitHappy Escrow reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disperses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

Sellers can decide which Products can be sold using Escrow and the service is paid for by the Buyer.

For more information

QR Verification of an Order

BitHappy QR Verification is a Receipt for an Order and can be used as a Proof of Purchase, such as a Ticket for an event or service.


Buyers can provide a Bitcoin public key so that a Seller can easily refund you, should the need arise. The address is only visible to Sellers you have made purchases from.

Alt Coins

BitHappy can be used as a shopping cart for Alt Coins, albeit in a limited way at the moment. Prices and Order Totals are displayed in their equivalent Alt Coin value.

This demonstrates that Alt Coins can also be used for every day financial transactions.

Printing with Bluetooth

BitHappy can print receipts, qr codes, orders, catalogs etc. using a low cost Android Bluetooth Thermal Printer, easily found on ebay.

Orders can also be printed via PDF files and Google cloud printing.

Paying with other Bitcoin Wallets

Here are examples of using BitHappy with other Bitcoin wallets such as Electrum, Bitcoin Wallet, Airbitz, Samourai, BitX


The Seller side of the app is where Catalogs are created, the managing of Orders and Account Settings. Sellers can switch back and forth from the Seller Account to the Buyer side.

Below are videos of BitHappy features that Sellers need to know about.

Creating a New Seller Account

In order to receive payment in Bitcoin, you need a public key. The public key can be scanned in via QR code or you can use an address from a Bitcoin wallet on your phone, as shown in this video.

If you do not have a public key available you can still create an account and add the key at a later date in the Account Settings.

Adding a Product

How to add a Product, pictures and information to a Catalog. A Seller can have an unlimited number of Products and pictures in a Catalog.

A Seller can have an unlimited number of Catalogs.

How to test Your Catalog with Mycellium

Once you have created a Product in your Catalog you can make a test purchase. This video shows you how to buy a Product from your own Catalog using the Bitcoin Wallet, Mycellium.

Confirmations and Order Status

This video shows how Bitcoin Confirmations and the Status of an Order is displayed in BitHappy.

BitHappy tracks each Bitcoin payment for up to 6 Confirmations. Each Order can have 4 Statuses and be changed manually by the Seller.

The Status of an Order is shown to both the Buyer and Seller.

"A transaction is valid once it's broadcast over the network. It's just not 100% irreversible yet."

Add a YouTube video to a Product

How a Youtube video can be added to a Product.

Add a SoundCloud File to a Product

A Soundcloud file can be added to a Product.

Adding a PDF File to a Product

A Product can have a PDF file linked to it. Ideal for instructions or detailed product information.

Pay for a File

BitHappy allows a Seller to sell ANY digital content. The Buyer pays for the file and on payment can download it. Ideal for music etc. The file can be in any format.

Product Options

A Product can have many Options - for example different sizes and colours. BitHappy supports unlimited Product Options.

There are 2 types of Options - Compulsory and Non Compulsory.

Show in Buyer Catalog

To hide a Product from being displayed to Buyers.

An example of this feature is if a Product is temporarily Out of Stock.

Stock Levels

Each Product can be assigned a Stock Quantity. This automatically changes when the Product is purchased.

1 Only in Stock

A Product can be assigned as ?1 ONLY? so that once it is sold it disappears from the Catalog so it cannot be sold again.

This is ideal for tickets for a show, or a Product that you only have 1 off.


Products are displayed in Catalog. A Seller can have an unlimited number of Catalogs. Learn how to manage Catalogs.


Catalogs can be split into an unlimited number of Categories.

A Product can be assigned to any Category.

Delivery Charges

Everyone has different needs when it comes to adding delivery costs to an Order. BitHappy allows Sellers to create their own pricing structure for delivery. Here a few examples.

Delivery Tracking

BitHappy includes a simple Delivery Tracking system for Buyers & Sellers. A Seller can add Delivery Tracking information to any Order which immediately updates the Buyer. Also, once the goods are received the Buyer can inform the Seller with just a click.

User Access to a Seller Account

A Seller can give access to all or parts of their Account to different Users. eg: Sales staff, that only have access to Order information and cannot change Products or any other details.

Opening Hours

A Seller can set the Opening Hours of the Account so that Buyers can only make Purchases at certain times. This can work for a retail outlet or a stall in a market. The Products can still be seen by Buyers outside of the specified times.

Escrow for Sellers

BitHappy Escrow reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disperses funds after the Buyer has received their Product or Service.

A Seller chooses which Products they wish to offer to Buyers using the Escrow service. Escrow is paid for by the Buyer.

Seller Location

A Seller can specify the Location of their Account. This is reflected on the "Search Map" and "Near You" listing in kilometers from a Buyer.

A Seller could be moving around the world. Think of a musician for example. A Seller can specify their current position or any co-ordinate as their Location.

Seller Delivery Location

Sellers can create custom "Locations" which specify where the Product is going to be delivered. For example in a restaurant ?Locations? would be Table Numbers.

A QR Code is created for each Location, which can be scanned by the Buyer. So in a night club for example, a QR code could be on a wall which could be scanned so that the Seller knows where the Buyer is located. A "Location" could be a person or a tree.